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I’ve been playing cat simulator lately and it’s pretty fun

Anonymous whispered:
*whispers...i would get that pillow *RUNS


If this post gets over 250 likes, I will make LEGIT Jerome, Dr.Bun or Damion  Dakimakuras. Hell I’ll make a dakimakura for another oc of mine that yall can choose from if these three dont tickle your fancy. 




-w- im so serious. 250 notes or more, idgaf if the same person reblogs it 250 times. go for the gusto. If yall REALLY want it, I’ll do it~

Anonymous whispered:
How do you turn on Naaias

You don’t :y

Other than the fact I have no idea, he’s not exactly easy to get into that sort of thing with. I should rp him in those kinds of situations to get a better feel for it.

Anonymous whispered:
what's Dapheo's biggest turn on or kink? i need to know for science

He hasn’t really experimented much so its really unknown beyond basic stuff. But he’s up for trying anything new [almost anything]

But if you’re looking to just turn him on real quick just rub his ears.


Dad upset me and ruined my sleep with his bullshit.
I need something to cheer me up.

Anyone wanna send anons? Weird funny sexual anons idc just no magic anons. Unless its like really good. Or send me random shit Idk I’m upset.

I  just watched all the episodes of Another [that’s the title yes]

How the fuck am I going to sleep….


i made a color vomit

i’m so sorry peacher

*casually makes a gemsona/gem oc*


sugalite is my queen

mix it together?????

shut up. mom said it was the bean type and it’s okay. Then she called me retarded and left :U

I saw the light in the form of chili.

But the beans in the can came out clumped together :I Like, isn’t the juice in there supposed to be liquid? ene

If you’re using the packets and if you have a microwave I suggest filling a bowl up, plopping your noodles in (might have to break them first) and just cook for 3:00! I used go overcook my noodles where they’re slimy but now I just use the microwave

I’m going to try that once we get some add ins. 

Bless your soul QwQ Now I don’t have to bother my mom with it.

I want ramen but I can never cook it right ):

It always comes out slimy and squishy? Plus we don’t have any more meats, veggies or sauce to add in. Only two eggs hhhh 

/falls over and sends hugs. yea I thought that him going on why he is right and such would occur then if you did hhh ;;

such a butthole I swear. I need coffee