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> Guess who’s lost and couldn’t figure out simple coordinates? YOU ARE. You really hate the city. All these sounds and huge ass buildings confuse you. The smell puts you off and nothing is familiar. But you don’t want to call your friend for help. Yet.


you tell them Mink

"Descra, be a dear, find me a new pretty boy to make into a new doll.. I got a commission order for a male lolita. They said anything but brown." He walks into the room while still looking the sheet of paper over. He sets it, and the open envelope down on the table and sits down next to descra. "I know I haven't let you out all that often, and I'm sorry mon amour. So this should be amusant pour vous .. fun for you~"

> You’d just been sitting around with your eye jars, looking them over and trying to figure out what ones you’d be willing to trade off with others.

You had heard what he said but you silently admitted you didn’t like anything of what Poupee was saying. What was he going on about with you fetching him some guy? You weren’t his courier but it’s not like this was a new thing. You were usually happy to help but now it just felt irritating to hear…..

"Yeah, sure."

Of course you’d still do it. You’d been inside too long like he said though you weren’t aware he was keeping you there….More irritation. You’d probably take your time with the search just for spite.

skvtrolls whispered:
Ohhh naaaaaaaaaaiaaaaas. I have somefin to show you~

"I’m unsure about this but alright….what is it?"

> You’re a tiny bit curious sure.

Anonymous whispered:


  • First impression of the mun.

So proper, they wont like me.

  • Current opinion on the mun.

DOOOOOOOOODdd, empty is super fun and I love their trolls.

  • Which of their trolls I like the best.

Daph is a precious thing. I want to hoard him

  • Which of their trolls I’d like to RP with.

Hit me up with someone for thaion bro


You think I’m proper?? 0u0c

I fell asleep like 3 times

What’s a good spot to coli grind for the Thundercrack Carnival?

This medicine makes me super tired. My period happened to start on the same day I started taking it. My cramps, on day one are especially painful.

And my dad still thinks I should force myself up to cook for him.

I probably could. It just hurts too much. I just want one day. One day to lie down in pain because I can’t take midol with my antibiotics.

I passed out so hard Jesus Christ

My medicine make me tired so RPs may be rather slow

elementrolls replied to your post “elementrolls replied to your post “UPDATE ON MY TOE” get better soon….”

yeah depending on the antibiotics and the infection. in fact some people will get a week worth, start feeling better after 3-4 days and stop taking them. but you shouldn’t do that, even if you do feel better.

The bottle says to use all the pills over the course of my using it so that’s what I’m gonna do. 

And I won’t really feel better, my toe would look better yeah. But there is no pain, there never was any pain. The most I got was some pressure feeling

elementrolls replied to your post “UPDATE ON MY TOE”

get better soon. hope those antibiotics do it for you

I hope so too cause I’m a huge weenie and I didn’t want them to cut anything ;w; 

I almost panicked.

But they only gave like 21 pills. I take on every 8 hours. That’s like a week’s worth yeh? Is a week even enough time to take effect??


SO, here’s what’s going on: My toe is gross. Turns out I most likely have abnormal skin/tissue growth from an infection/injury that didn’t heal correctly.


> My Toe [Taken Yesterday]

Now, the clinic I went to gave me antibiotics, but if they don’t work then I’ll have to see a pidomitrist[?]. My dad payed for it ;w;

So we don’t really know what happened still. I bumped my toe twice my mom says, and the doctor suggested it was didn’t heal right thus this grossness going on. 

My dad says it’s stupid bullshit and the doctor’s made that up/he hates doctors. But it’s the best we got and honestly it fits by me. I was too much of a weenie to get it trimmed then and there, so we’re gonna see how the pills work on their own.

And uh that’s it on my toe ;w; it wasn’t all that expensive either.

Good news is I’m not dying or anything like that